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Session 1
Silicon Improves Photosynthesis and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities during Salinity Stress in Capsicum annum ’Bugang’
Abinaya Manivannan, Prabhakaran Soundararajan, Hao Wei, Yuze Chen, Sobiya Muneer, and Byoung Ryong Jeong
Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea

Session 2
Depilatory Action of Crude Extract from LeucaenaLeucocephala(Lamk.) de Witt (Family Fabaceae)
Sandra Dawn Burgos, Mac Ardy Gloria, Anna Nicole Pura, and Alicia Catabay
University of the Philippines Manila

Session 3
Decolorization of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluents using Wood Rotting Fungus Fibrodontia sp. RCK783S
Onnapha Chaisan, Pilanee Vaithanomsat, and Torpong Kreetachat
University of Phayao

Session 4
Wind Speed Variability with respect to Warm-Dry and Cool-Wet Periods over Turkey and Determination of Wind Power Density
Hilal ARSLAN and Mete TAYANÇ
Marmara University

Session 5
The Role of Collaborative Procurement of Transportation Servicesin Improving the Green Supply Chain Management
Chefi Triki
Sultan Qaboos University

Session 6
Effects of Different Grinding Methods on Chemical and Functional Properties of MR211 Rice Flour
Asmeda Rajab and Noorlaila Ahmad
Universiti Teknologi MARA

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